Customize Your Hoodies

How to customize Hoodies?

What is a Hoodie?


Hoodies are sweatshirts attached with a hood which is used to cover your head while you are in a cold climate or travelling in a windy atmosphere. This can be with or without zipper. 

Hoodies are available at wide variety of GSMs depending on the climate conditions. It ranges from 200 GSM to 400 GSM normally. This GSM can be custom made based on the customer requirement. 

Entrepreneurs already in branded clothing with T-Shirts can add hoodies to their product line to enrich their collection. 

What can I customize in a Hoodie?

We can generally customize below points in a hoodie or hooded sweatshirt.

1. Fabric type (100% Cotton, Cotton-Polyester, Cotton-Spandex, 100% Polyester and so on)

2. Fabric color (The fabric can be dyed based on the Pantone color codes)

3. Hoodie Size (Sizes can be Indian, US, UK or any custom sizes)

4. The print/embroidery on it (Logo print, graphics print, logo/design embroidery etc)

5. The labels and tags (Size labels, yoke labels, flag labels, hang tags and so on)

What are Flairmart offerings on customizing a Hoodie?

Flairmart offers end to end customization for hoodies. All areas of a hoodie production can be customized as per the customer demand. We will see below different customizations Flairmart provides for its customers.

Fabric Type Customization

Loop knit Fabric
Loop Knit Fabric

For hoodies, mostly commonly used fabric is 100% cotton, loopknit fabric. Cotton-Spandex blend, Cotton-Polyester blend are other options widely used. Some brands can be seen releasing hoodies with regular 180 GSM single jersey fabric also. 

We usually provide bio washed combed cotton in 100% cotton. However, the customer has a variety of options, including bamboo cotton, organic cotton, Supima cotton, and semi-combed and super-combed cotton. 

The customer can choose GSM of the fabric. We normally offer 240 GSM, 260 GSM, 300 GSM, 320 GSM etc for hoodies in cotton. Customized GSM is possible based on the customer requirement. 

Fabric Color Customization

Pantone Color Codes

While we offer around 40 colors from our stock, customers can choose their own colors. The same can be dyed to the fabric. The customer needs to provide the Pantone color codes. We will develop the samples for the customer approval. Post approval, we will be apply it to the bulk fabric. This normally takes 2-3 weeks time. 

All the color provided in the TCX series of the Pantone is available to customers to choose. Custom dyeing is not possible for very small quantities. It require minimum 150 KG of fabric to go with custom dyeing such that the process is cost effective for the customers. Custom dyeing is available for all types of fabric types like, cotton, poly cotton, cotton spandex etc. 

Size Customization

The customer can choose the size chart we normally follow or provide the custom size chart to us which needs to be followed. When the custom size chart is provided, we will be making the pattern based on it. Samples will be made using the custom size chart and the same is provided to the customer for approval. 

The regular size chart Flairmart follows is given below

Custom Printing and Embroidery

Screen Printing

There are a lot of options available in printing the hoodies. We Flairmart offers a wide variety of printing options to the customers based on the need, quantity and type of fabric. 

We mainly offer screen printing on cotton, blend fabric and polyester fabrics when the quantity is large. When the quantity is low, we offer DTF, DTG and Vinyl printing. There are no restrictions on the print location. It can be on left chest, full front side, back side, sleeves etc.  Sublimation is offered for Polyester t-shirts. 

Some customers prefers embroidery. We offer it too. 

The labels and tags

Hang tags

There are different types of labels available. The size label, wash care label etc are some of them. We offer basic size label and wash care label along with all the products. The customers has the choice of customizing it. Some customers will be looking for woven labels and the same is also offered. You can have printed, woven labels. 

You can have branded hang tags. We offer it to the customer to keep all the services under one umbrella. Customer can choose any shape, size, print quality, GSM, and finish of the hang tags they want. We can get it made and attach to the product. 

If there are other tag or label requirements, the can be discussed while placing order.