Types of Fabrics Based on Fibers/Yarns

There are three types of fabrics used in apparent industry.

  1. Natural
  2. Man-made or Synthetic
  3. Blend of natural and synthetic

Let us see them in detail

Natural Fibers

We get natural fibers from different sources in nature. They are animal coats, plant seeds, leaves, silk worms. Clearly, people consider apparels made of natural fibers as best choice to wear. It is more comfortable to wear especially in hot climate conditions. Making apparels using natural fibers is easier. The dyeing process is quicker on natural fibers compared to other fibers. Without a doubt, most popular natural fiber is cotton. Of course, linen fabrics are another popular among natural fibers.

Cotton Yarn

Flairmart is essentially a manufacturer of 100% Cotton T-Shirts from Tirupur. Besides T-Shirts, we offer 100% Cotton Sweatshirts, 100% Cotton Leggings, 100% Cotton Track Pants, Cotton shrugs, shorts etc. We also provide customized printed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts also.

Synthetic Fibers

Man-made fabrics or synthetic fabrics are made using non natural fibers or man-made fibers.  There are two ways in which we can make synthetic fibers. In one method, we combine organic compounds with chemicals. In another method, we combine completely inorganic compounds to make synthetic fibers. Synthetic fabrics comes with its own properties such as low weight, strength. This means, the synthetic fabrics are made to achieve certain properties. Of course, polyester is the most popular synthetic fiber in use. Rayon is another synthetic fiber popular among woven fabrics.

Flairmart offers 100% Polyester Sportswear with full sublimation, Rayon Palazzo, Viscose Patiala etc., from our our manufacturing unit in Tirupur.

Blend Fibers

When we combine multiple types of fibers, we get blend fibers. We can combine two or more fibers to achieve this. We can combine two or more natural fibers, two or more synthetic fibers, or mix of natural and synthetic fibers. Blend fabrics opens a wide range of fabric options in the textile industry. Poly Cotton, Linen Cotton, Cotton Spandex and Viscose Spandex are some examples for blend fibers.

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What we offer

In general, Flairmart offers a wide variety of fabric options. 100% Cotton and 100% polyester are the most regular options we offer. In addition to that, we offer cotton-spandex, polyester-spandex, viscose-spandex, rayon etc as well. 100% Cotton T-Shirts, 100% Cotton Sweatshirts, 100% Polyester Sports Jerseys, 100% Polyester Sportswear with sublimation, Cotton-Lycra 4-way stretchable leggings, Viscose Spandex Leggings, Rayon Palazzo, Viscose Patiala pants are regular products we offer. Flairmart is a customized cotton T-Shirt manufacturer from Tirupur. Moreover, we offer customized Sweatshirts/Hoodies, Track pants, Sportswear etc. You can refer to more details on customized clothing https://flairmart.in/custom-orders/. For wholesale orders, you can refer to https://flairmart.in and for retail orders, you can refer to https://flairmart.com.

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