Fabrics Based on Making (Knitted, Woven,….)

We get different fibers from different sources. Fibers are converted to yarn. We will see different methods of converting fibers into yarns. Based on the difference in making the fabric from yarn, there are four types of fabrics. They are knitted, woven, non-woven and braid fabrics.

Knitted Fabric

  • Knitting is one of the popular methods to convert yarn into fabric.
  • In knitting, fabric is produced by a set of connected loops known as stitches from a series of yarn in weft and warp direction.
  • There are many different types knitting methods and based on that we can have wide range of fabrics.
  • The best example for knitted apparel is T-Shirts.
Knitted Fabric

Tirupur is the Knit Capital of India. Tirupur offers high quality T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Track Pants, Shorts, Leggings, Shrugs etc. Flairmart is one among the popular knit manufacturers from Tirupur. We offer customized T-Shirts, customized hoodies/sweatshirts, customized track pants, customized leggings and more from our manufacturing unit in Tirupur. Tirupur has access to all accessories related knit apparel manufacturing. Flairmart offers customized prints, embroidery, sizing, packing, labeling etc. Apart from Tirupur, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ludhiana offers knitted apparels.

Woven Fabric

  • Weaving is one of the popular methods to make fabric out of yarn.
  • Fabric is made by interlacing two sets of threads based on the design.
  • Fabric woven by hands is available in market. However, in bulk manufacturing industry semi-automatic and automatic machines are used to do the weaving.
  • The best example for woven apparel is shirts.
Woven Fabric

In India, Ahmadabad, Surat and Mumbai offers large quantity of woven apparels in the form of Shirts, Trousers, Kurtis, Patiala Pants, Palazzo Pants and so on.

Flairmart offers shirts, denims, kurtis, palazzo pants etc in collaboration with some premium manufacturers.

Non-Woven Fabric

Non-woven fabrics are materials looks like fabrics made from staple or long fibers joined using chemical, mechanical bonding. Examples for Non-woven fabrics are felt, wound dressings, bath wipes, tea bags etc. A lot of surgical masks are also made using non woven material.

Non Woven

Braid Fabric

Braid is normally a complex pattern made by interlacing three or more strands of textile fibers or any other fibers. Parachute cords, shoe laces etc. are examples under this category.

Braid Fabric

A comparison between knitted and woven fabrics

  • Knitted Garments are produced by a set of connected loops from a series of yarns whereas woven fabric is made of interlacing two types of threads.
  • Knitting is done by forming loops and weaning is based on shades.
  • The cost of manufacturing knitted garment is comparatively lesser compared to woven garments
  • Knitted fabrics are more elastic and hence more confortable compared to Woven fabrics.

The shape of knitted garments can be lost over a period of time whereas woven garments retain the shape for longer period of time as you can see T-Shirts loses the shape over a period of time, whereas a cotton formal shirt retains the shape almost throughout its lifetime.

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