Natural Fibers and Fabrics

The major fabrics based on natural fibers are listed below

Cotton Fabric

  • Cotton fabrics might be the most popular among all fabrics based on natural fibers.
  • It is popular across the globe.
  • Cotton fabrics are more preferred in summer season or hot climate conditions as it keeps the body cool
  • Absorb the sweat very easily.
  • It is soft to wear
  • Fibers are easy to dye
Knitted Cotton Fabric

Linen Fabric

  • People consider linen to be superior to cotton and more comfortable to wear.
  • It is less prone to skin allergies and irritation.
  • It is easier to maintain Linen.
  • Durable since the fibers are stronger.
  • The cost of Linen is bit higher compared to cotton fabric. So People prefer cotton over linen on price advantage.
Woven Linen Fabric

Silk Fabric

  • Silk is the strongest natural fiber and is produced by insects.
  • Moth caterpillars produces silk. We use those silk for textile purpose.
  • It is an all-time fabric since it is comfortable to wear in all seasons.
  • Due to the elegant look, people mainly use it for party wear and saree making.
Silk Fabric

Jute Fabric

  • Jute fabrics are strong and durable.
  • We use it mainly for making bags and sacks.
  • We also use it for making clothes and fashion accessories
Jute Fabric

Hemp Fabric

  • It is in use since thousands of years
  • Hemp is used in making textile items, papers, bio degradable plastic etc.
  • It is soft and durable
  • It is highly absorbing
Hemp Fabric

Wool Fabric

  • People prefer it in cold climate conditions
  • Acts as a warmer for the body
  • Durable, attractive
  • Wrinkle free in nature
  • Mostly used in making blankets
Wool Fabric

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