Different Fabrics of Blend Fibers

Blended fabrics are made by combining one or more natural or man-made fabrics to have specific properties, mostly a unique property. Properties can be Softness, durability, easy to maintain etc. It also provides improved appearance and mostly less costly compared to natural fibers.

The major blended fabrics options are listed below

Polyester Cotton             : Most Popular among blend fabric. It is used in making shirts, T-Shirts and many more items.

Linen Cotton                      : Recently gathered vary popularity in woven apparels (especially shirts fabric)

Cotton Spandex               : Very popular blend fabric and used mainly in making socks, leggings etc. The elasticity offered by the spandex has made this combination very popular.

Polyester Spandex          : It is mainly used for making sports Jerseys. The elastic property of spandex made it very popular among sportsperson as this gives free movement of hands and legs in any direction.

Nylon Wool, Wool Cotton, Linen Silk, Linen Rayon, Silk Wool, Rayon Cotton, Polyester Spandex are some of the other combinations used in the industry.

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