Custom Orders - Build Your Brand

Want to build your own clothing brand? 

Want team jersey for your cricket team/football team?

Looking for a uniform for your workers?

We can help you with it!!!

Products You Can Customize

Apparels you can customize/label in Women Category:

1. Round Neck T-Shirts

2. V-Neck T-Shirts

3. Polo T-Shirts

4. Leggings/Track Pants

5. Sweatshirts/Hoodies

6. Pyjama Sets

7. Sportswear


Apparels you can customize/label in Men Category:

1. Round Neck T-Shirts

2. V-Neck T-Shirts

3. Polo T-Shirts

4. Track Pants

5. Sweatshirts/Hoodies

6. Sportswear

What Can You Customize in a Product

At Flairmart, we provide end to end customization.  You can refer to below information to know the details of customization we offer.

Fabric Type

You can choose between 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Polyester Cotton, Viscose, Cotton-Spandex and more. You can choose custom GSM for your fabric also. While we stock 100% cotton and 100% Polyester all the time, other combinations needs to be manufactured on demand. Fabric like Organic cotton, Supima cotton, bamboo cotton etc are also offered based on customer needs and requirements.  

Fabric Color

While we offer all popular colors, you can choose or share your colors. we can get it dyed based on Pantone Color codes.  The colors like White, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Yellow, Pista Green etc are always available in stock. Any colors can be dyed based on Pantone codes for sample quantity and bulk orders.

Pattern and Sizes

The customer has full freedom to propose their own size chart, product pattern etc. We will be following it. If there are complicated patterns, the cost of stitching is calculated based on it. based on the complexity of the pattern, the timing to complete the sampling and final product may vary. We follow regular Indian Size chart and US size chart by default.


Based on the quantity, occasion of use, quality requirement etc, we offer different types of printing. Screen printing, digital printing, vinyl printing, sublimation are offered on need basis. In addition to printing, embroidery can also be chosen, if the customer is looking for it. We can assist the customer on choosing the right mode of printing suitable to them, during the discussion phase.

Custom Labels

Custom labels are the inevitable part of branding. It is thus required to be placed very carefully. Woven or Printed yoke labels, Size labels, wash care labels, flag labels etc., are offered from our side. The same can be customized in terms of its size, colors, material and so on. The cost calculation of it is done based on the initial discussion with customer. 


A good quality packing leaves a lasting impression in the mind of customers. So it is important to chose the type of packing. We thus offer wide range of packing solutions for their product. The default packing provided is individual poly packing. Box Packing, Master polypacking, hanger packing etc, some other options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I add my logo on T-Shirt/Sweatshirt?

Yes. You can get the custom logo/prints done. 

2. What are the different printing options available?

We offer screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, vinyl printing etc. 

3. Do you provide embroidery?

Yes. We have embroidery provided. 

4. Do you offer organic cotton?

Yes, we do it based on demand.

5. What are the fabric options?

100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton Polyester Blend, Organic Cotton, Supima Cotton, Acrylic, Viscose etc are the regular options. Other types of yarns can be procured based on customer requirement. 

6. Other vendors offer 100% cotton for less price. Why are you pricing it higher?

The price is based on multiple factors. Yarn quality, product count, sizes, type of color, type of dyeing, quality of stitching are the main factors affecting the pricing.  The cost is not for the appearance of the product, rather for the actual quality of the product. Quality is about durability and sustainability on usage and washing.  There are different options to make a product look superior, but of inferior yarn and dyeing. Such product look good, but cheaper in pricing. 

7.  Do you offer samples?

Yes. Customer can purchase samples from us. Samples are sold at retail prices. 

8. Can you give us samples before proceeding with a custom bulk order?

Yes. We can do sampling for custom requirement. The sampling will be done post advance amount payment or sampling amount

9. How long will it take to complete my custom order?

The duration of a project depends on the steps and complexities involved. It may vary from few days to months. The duration of the production will be communicated before the production starts. 

10.  What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We undertake orders of very small quantities also. The principle is larger the quantity, lesser the cost per piece. 

11. The cost per piece is only INR 150. But sampling cost is Rs. 3000. Why is sampling cost so high?

Sample orders which requires screen printing will have higher sampling cost. Either it is 1 piece or 100 pieces, we need to make screens which has a fixed cost. While we do not make any profit out of sample orders, we expect the customer to bear the actual cost of sampling.  The amount paid by customer for screen cost and other expenses will be waived off while the bulk order is placed. 

12. Can I get free samples?

Every product comes with a cost. We sell samples at retail price. We receive a large number of sample enquiries everyday for which offering free samples create a burden on our operational cost. So we do not offer free samples.  

13.  Is the shipping free?

Shipping is labelled as free when the product cost is inclusive of shipping charges. The cost we share with client is product cost and taxes. Shipping is a service both client and us chose for transferring the goods from our facility to client location. This cost is charged by shipping company and not us. So the shipping cost has to be paid to courier company by the client. We normally charge it at actuals and pay to courier company. If there are cheaper options, the client can schedule a pickup from client side. 

14. Can I provide my size chart?

Yes. Custom sizing is possible. We will make pattern based on it and make the product.